Around the World in 8 Dishes Without Leaving Porto


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Livraria Lello

The city of Porto opened its doors to the world and the world opened itself in the streets and of Porto, with so many new and great restaurants. Nowadays you can find not only typical Portuguese restaurants but other spaces with food from around the world.

From Europe to Southeast Asia you can discover truly unique places that combine sophistication with traditional ways of cooking. Porto by Livraria Lello recommends 8 places for you to discover and to explore.

We will begin our journey in Porto, Portugal, and will discover the world with a restaurant from each world region.

O GAZELA (Portugal)

O Gazela is a must go in Porto. The typical cuisine of this place has the famous bacalhau (codfish) or rojões (pork meat) and don’t forget “our” very special francesinha. The price is very accessible and the staff is known for being very friendly.
Distance from Lello Bookshop: 11 min


From pizzas to pasta, A Despensa puts Italy on this typical route of gastronomic food. The best flavours of this beautiful country are located in  Porto’s downtown with Mediterranean plates and we recommend you to reserve a table so you can enjoy a relaxing and one of a kind meal.
Distance from Lello Bookshop: 3 min

MENDI (India)

We continue our trip to another continent. The Indian sub-continent presents us with Mendi, located in the middle of Boavista Avenue, where each meal as the potential to be one true discovery of genuine flavours.
Distance from Lello Bookshop: 36 min


But we are not finished with Asia, no gastronomical trip would be complete without the flavours of Japan. In Tasca Shiko you can find a true Japanese menu and an authentic immersive experience. The chef of Tasca Shiko already won several prizes and mentions over the last few years.
Distance from Lello Bookshop: 36 min

BELOS AIRES (Argentina)

Another continent, another mandatory stop of this around the world trip. The name of the place is Belos Aires, and as you can assume it is influenced by the Argentinian tradition of grass-fed steaks. The restaurant is located on Belmonte street in the historical centre of Porto.
Distance from Lello Bookshop: 9 min



Without leaving the American continent, we continue towards Mexico. In Boteco Mexicano we will share your orders with your friends and in the end, you will also have a free tequila shot. Not the place for loners, but definitely the place for having a true Mexican party. You will also find Brazilian food.
Distance from Lello Bookshop: 5 min


LOLLIPOP’S (United States of America)

And up North we go, discovering the food marvels of the North American continent. Straight from the 1960’s atmosphere of gas stations, Route 66 and traditional diners, we present you with Lollipop’s. If you are feeling adventurous we invite you to try the full menu.
Distance from Lello Bookshop: 6 min

BOA BAO (Vietnam)

And it is with more tropical flavours that we close our around the world trip, with a brand new space in Porto’s downtown, we are talking about Boa Bao, the Southeast Asian gateway. In Boa Bao you will find food from Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand. We also suggest the cocktails and the delicious desserts that Boa Bao has to offer.
Distance from Lello Bookshop: 6 min