“Sábado-Feira” at Maus Hábitos


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Every month, Maus Hábitos hosts “Sábado-Feira”, a fair with different arts where you can find works of photography, painting, drawing, illustration, posters, publishings, fanzines, pottery, among many other author works.

Organized since January 2017, it was first named “Quinta-Feira do Ano”, exactly because it was held on the first Thursday of that year. The play with words was then changed to Sábado-Feira, because they are also organized on Saturdays. With curatorship by Dylan Silva and Mariana Malhão, two young artists that work in Porto, this fair aims at promoting a meeting between artists and producers and the audience. It is also a place of sharing, of discovery and inspiration for all those who take an interest in the several areas found at the fair.

The May edition is scheduled for the 19th, a Saturday, of course, and counts on the participation of over 30 artists, who will be exhibiting their works at Maus Hábitos.