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Jorge Polónia was born in 1953, in Porto, where he graduated and achieved his PhD in Medicine. He specialized in Clinical Pharmacology and Internal Medicine, being responsible for a pioneer work on hypertension and consumption of salt in Portugal (PHYSA study). He is a doctor at the Pedro Hispano Hospital, a teacher at the Universidade do Porto, coordinator of the Pharmacovigilance Unity of Porto and integrated investigator of CINTESIS, in the areas of hypertension and vascular disease.

. My favourite location is… Foz do Douro, on a stormy day, with a view to the raging sea.

. What I like the most in Porto is… the people, the traditions, the personality, the gastronomy, the rivalry. The successes achieved by FC Porto.

. People from Porto are… capable of quiet protests, with a strong personality and a sense of freedom. As Manuel de Sousa said, “People from Porto are the Moral reservation of the Nation”.

. A defining story… A jury of five people in a competition where four elements of the Jury were from the North and the Jury meeting was scheduled for Lisbon.

. Culture in Porto is… The result of a knowing, a knowledge and traditions, with nearly a thousand years. The cultural manifestations have been increasing, but they are still just a few, in comparison to the capital and other European cities.