PORTO BY Ângela Morgado


Porto By


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Ângela Morgado is 46 years old and was born in Lisbon. She works as the executive director at the Associação Natureza Portugal (ANP) in association with WWF – World Wide Fund for Nature. Sociologist, licenced at the ISCTE, Universidade de Lisboa, she has a master’s degree in Communication, Culture and Information Technologies at the same institute. With a vast experience in managing projects and teams, she is an expert in strategy and planning, fundraising, communication, development of processes of public participation, and relations with the corporate sector.

Apart from the work with the WWF she has been developing since 2006, she worked as a Communication consultant of the EU Program – EQUAL, was a member of the Executive Committee of the Observatório Português for Social Communication (OberCom), a Communication consultant of ANESPO – Associação Nacional de Educação e Educação Profissional (Portugal) and of several companies. She was clients’ director of communication and public relations companies; she participated in investigation projects on New Media, Information Society and Democracy (ISCTE), having also worked in political marketing.

. My favourite location is… Fundação Serralves and Foz.

. What I like the most in Porto is… the cultural and free spirit of the city and the people. It was thanks to the people that I discovered the essence of the city, which I see as one of contrasts, opposites – depressive and happy, conservative and innovative, with a free and chained spirit, and that’s what makes Porto and its people different.

. People from Porto are… cunningly funny, culturally surprising and very opinionative.

. A defining story… my cousins and uncles live in Porto. Many childhood friends of mine live in Porto. In my memory, I keep endless stories of debates and conversations with them, and letters (real letters) sent with feelings, preferences, and ideas. I learned from them what a sertã [local word for frying pan] or a cimbalino [coffee] are. Based on this sharing, I developed the taste for irreverent music, for having my own opinion, and for free artistic expression.

. Culture in Porto is… the essence of the city. It’s the base of this free spirit, rebel and opinionative, and of a surprising capacity to work. It is, at the same time, conservative and closed in itself. People from outside the city who reach this essence, surely learn more about the life and the people of the North.