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Ana Moreira was born in Viana do Castelo, the “vainest city in Minho”, as she proudly states. She moved to the Portuguese capital city in 1998, to study Communication sciences. Working in the radio since 2004, she worked in Cidade FM, Rádio Comercial, Rádio Clube Português and M80, where she has been for nearly a decade now, and where she can be heard from Monday to Friday, from 5h to 7h and between 20h to 22h. She sees herself as a “radio girl”, but also does TV, specifically on BTV.

. My favourite location is… Ponte da Arrábida. Whenever I cross it, my heart freezes for a second with the beauty of the city, from Ribeira to Foz, as you can hear in “Porto Sentido”, by Rui Veloso; at night it’s even better… with the lights… Overwhelming.

. What I like the most about Porto is… The people. Be it in a coffee shop, at a store, at the market, the people from Porto give a little of themselves to a stranger and that’s priceless.

. People from Porto are… intense. As is, in fact, anyone from North. They live intensely, feelings either exist or don’t… There is no middle ground. If you are going to celebrate, you celebrate to the fullest. If you are going to cry, you do it as you must, you feel the pain. There is no middle ground.

. A defining story… The times I ran from Lisbon to go out at night in Porto. It happened often… Without my parents knowing about it, the classic. At the time, between Indústria, Mao Mao or Via Rápida, all that mattered was to be with my friends from Viana that were studying in Porto.

. Culture in Porto is… real and unique. And it’s not afraid to experiment, it’s influenced by other nationalities and origins, but always remaining true to what Porto is.