Through the paths of the invicta: 7 ways to discover Porto


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Knowing Porto is quite an aventure. There are many unique ways of doing this without using public transports like underground, bus, electric or funicular. Porto By Livraria Lello has researched some of those maners and shares with its readers the various ways to discover Porto, either quickly or in a more slow way.

With several parking lots suitable for motorbikes and with the time saved by not using public transport, this option will allow a more comfortable autonomy so that you can see more monuments or take more time to enjoy the view of the beautiful promenades that the city has in its menu.

Companies providing this service:
North Road

Although the city contributes (in great part) to a good physical shape, through its narrow streets with steep slopes, Porto has many good options to escape the gym. The electric bicycle has been one of the most used by both visitors and locals.

Companies providing this service:
Boost Porto

For those who do not tire fast and like to see things more slowly, walking down the street in Porto is a great way to get to know the city better, either by the downtown streets to look at monuments that surround it, or make it through bars and restaurants. It is also the healthiest way to get to know the city and there are companies doing different kind of tours.

Companies that tour around the city:
Xperience Tours
Be My Guest
EFun Tours

It is the easiest and quickest way to get to know the city and its surroundings. Three companies regularly travel through the most well known routes in the cities of Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia and Matosinhos, leaving space for photographs and explanations about each historical landmark.

Tour companies:
Yellow Bus
Blue Bus
City Sightseeing

This is the most original way to get to know Porto while being lazy. A bow to the new technologies that make visiting the city of Porto fun and dynamic. Attention to those who have little balance to ride in these new two-wheelers.

Companies providing this service:
Blue Dragoon

Why not get to know Porto in a fast and fun way? There are a lot of Tuk Tuks that circulate in the Port between narrow streets and other lesser known areas. The drivers are friendly and there are several routes available to consult in each of the companies.

Companies of Tuk Tuks:
TukTour Porto
Tuking People
Tuk Tuk Porto