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Catarina Carneiro

Porto is a city that sometimes looks like a postcard, with its colourful streets and tile-covered houses, the iconic bridges and the monuments that tell its own stories. Porto has so much beauty to offer and the lookouts are some of the best places to relax and enjoy.

Let yourself be marvelled with the sightseeing lookouts that this city has to offer.

Passeio das Virtudes

Passeio das Virtudes is the most famous viewpoint among the people of Porto and the tourists that visit the city. This is an excellent space to relax on sunny days, mostly at the end of the day, when the sunset paints Porto’s sky and river in unique tonalities.

This lookout has a privileged view over the river, the Arrábida bridge, the Alfândega building, the Palácio de Cristal and the Foz. This is also one of the few places in the city in which you can admire the Virtudes Fountain and the levelled Virtudes Garden that reaches the riverside of Miragaia.

But the main attraction of this place is not only the view. This small garden receives dozens of people that after a long day of work go there to relax under the shadow of the trees. You will find many people listening to music, reading a book, drinking beer and talking while sitting on the grass of this small garden. The good vibes are always present in this famous lookout.

Onde fica: Passeio das Virtudes, 53, Porto

Da Livraria Lello: 7 min

Grilos Church Lookout

The Saint Lawrence Church, or as it is better known, Grilos Church, it is a rather unknown church for the inhabitants of Porto. Right in the heart of the old city, or Sé, this church is very close to the Sé Cathedral of Porto. On one side of this church, you will find a lookout with a surprising view over all the old part of town, the river and Gaia. If you end up visiting this lookout, you might take the chance to walk around Sé and visit the church itself, one of the oldest in the country.

Address: Largo do Colégio, Porto

From Livraria Lello: 9 min

Vitória Lookout

One of the best places to marvel with the unique views of Porto and Gaia is the Vitória Lookout. This lookout, that can be found in the old Jewish quarter, it is still relatively unknown from tourists.

On this lookout, near the church of Our Lady of Victory, you can admire the old houses of Porto and many of the most famous sightseeing places in the city: the old cathedral, the Episcopal Palace, the river quay and the D. Luis Bridge.  You will also be able to admire the Gaia riverside and Serra do Pilar.

Even though the absence of restrictions to visit this lookout, you better know that it is private property and the access has only been granted for touristic activities.

Address: Rua de São Bento da Vitória, 11, Porto

From Livraria Lello: 6 min

Jardim do Morro

If you are in Porto’s downtown and you want to see the world known Porto’s quay, then there’s no better place than Jardim do Morro, a garden on the other side of the river. You can walk across D. Luis bridge, or if you are not feeling adventurous, you can always take the subway. Once you arrive at Jardim do Morro station, get out and right in front of you, you will find this garden. From there you will have one of the most beautiful sights of Porto, with a unique panoramic view over everything that makes Porto such a special city.

This garden was renovated in 2016 and became a greener, more pleasant and dynamic place, with more shadow and park benches. It is possible that Jardim do Morro is the best place to take a beautiful photo of Porto’s sunset. (If you like photography, be sure to read the article “The Most Photogenic Places in Porto.

Address: Avenida da República, Vila Nova de Gaia

From Livraria Lello: 20 min

Bandeirinha da Saúde Lookout

This might be the least well-known lookout featured on this list. The Bandeirinha da Saúde Lookout is situated near the Alfândega Porto Congress Center and it is surrounded by the old houses of Miragaia. If you can’t find it, try to look for the Palácio das Sereias, one of the most buildings in the area.


The name of this lookout comes from the granite pyramid that can be found there. This pyramid was used as the place to raise the “health flag”, marking the limits of where the boats could berth in times of plague. Besides this gloomy past, nowadays this lookout has a beautiful view of the Douro and Gaia. With the bonus of being a virtually unknown place.

Address: Rua da Bandeirinha, 27, Porto

From Livraria Lello: 19 min


Afurada is a fishing village in Vila Nova de Gaia with colourful streets and where life is simpler and moves at a slower pace. From Afurada’s quay, you can enjoy a spectacular view to Douro river, to Arrábida Bridge and to Foz. From there the view is different and the location is more typical, familiar and there are many restaurants specialized in fish dishes. Take the opportunity to walk the São Pedro street, from where you can see this area from a different perspective.

Address: São Pedro da Afurada, Vila Nova de Gaia

From Livraria Lello: 33 min by Bus, take the STCP bus 200 or 903

Saint Catherine and Our Lady of Angels Chapel

These chapels, standing in high ground, offering a privileged view to where the ocean and the river meet. In this landscape, you might contemplate the Afurada village and the Arrábida bridge.

Address: Largo Santa Catarina, 3, Porto

From Livraria Lello: 23 min de autocarro, no autocarro 500 da STCP