How To Have Fun in Porto on a Rainy Day


Activities To eat To Do To Go Out To Visit


Catarina Carneiro

The winter in Porto is not that cold, but it is quite rainy. Porto by Livraria Lello offers you a few tips on how to escape the rain and make the most out of this beautiful city.

Rediscover the city of Porto even if the rain decides to show up!


Drink a Cup of Hot Chocolate

The cold and rain are good reasons for feeling like warming your soul with hot chocolate. In Porto, there are plenty of places where you can drink a good cup of hot chocolate – dense, liquid, chocolate milk or as you like the most.

We recommend three places where you can have some of the most delicious cups of hot chocolate: Casa Grande Chocolatier, The Traveller Caffé or Nut’Porto.


Visit a Port Wine Cellar

Visit a Port wine cellar, get to know better this wine, which represents so well our city and the Douro region, around the world. We recommend the following Port wine cellars: Graham’s, Churchill’s and Taylor’s.


Sit On a Covered Terrace

Summer has already ended, but you can still sit on a terrace during winter, there are plenty of covered terraces that will protect and keep you warm, while the rain washes the streets.

We recommend some places with covered terraces like Tavi, which glass structure opens and closes, turning this terrace in the perfect spot for winter days; Café Vitória, with a small winter garden, is more than a cafe, it is also a bar and a restaurant ready to welcome you; Casa D’Oro, is an Italian restaurant with a glass structure that offers the perfect view of the Douro River.


Attend a Concert at Casa da Música

If you have never been to Casa da Música, you should make the most out of this winter and finally visit this incredible place, with such a unique architecture. You can attend a concert or walk around its corridors and discover this beautifully designed building.


Visit Miguel Bombarda’s Street Art Galleries

Miguel Bombarda Street is the street of art galleries and spaces dedicated to art and culture.

Get to know all the places that this street has to offer and if you have the opportunity to attend its regular events in which various exhibitions are inaugurated in different galleries, don’t miss out!


Visit an Exhibition

Nothing better than enriching your culture while you avoid the rain, visit an exhibition in Porto, whether it is in the Museum of Transport and Communications, in Portuguese Center of Photography or in Serralves Museum and Gardens. If you are a football fan, visit the Futebol Clube do Porto Museum and the stadium and find out more about this football club.


Watch a Film

The onset of winter is a great reason for an escapade to the cinema. Watch a film at Cinema Trindade, the only cinema in Porto inspired in the cinemas of ancient times and travel through time. Cinema Trindade has a diversified agenda, with recent films that are in exhibition at the usual movie theatres and offering as well other less known and all the classics.


Visit the Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World

We couldn’t let this opportunity go by without suggesting a visit to Livraria Lello, the most beautiful bookshop in the world. Buy a book, be amazed by Livraria Lello’s beauty and schedule a guided tour to learn more about your bookshop.