Christmas markets: local trade and sustainable gifts




Livraria Lello

In the month of December it’s almost impossible to escape Christmas traditions, Christmas trees, decorations, carols, but also added consumerism, buying gifts. No matter how much we have already simplified this issue, in our homes or in the workplace, there is always another gift we have to buy: for the grandmother who collects Christmas cribs, for the friend who helped you move to the new house, for the neighbour who lent you the corkscrew that hasn’t been bought yet, to the boss who always lets you leave early when you need to run to pick up the sick kids at school. Even if it’s just one, it’s important to think where you are going to buy this gift, where it came from and who you are helping. The answer is simple and it’s usually very close to you: local trade. Street markets, which are organized a little all over the country in December, are an excellent choice.

In Porto, from December 8 to 23, at the Trindade subway station, you will find a Christmas market with national products, unique handmade pieces, some more traditional, others more modern: leather wallets, Valentine’s handkerchiefs, jewellery in Fimo, cribs made paper paste, ragdolls, capes in Burel, cribs made of clay, pottery from Alentejo, wooden lamps, tapestry, baskets, soaps and oils… products and makers from Miranda do Douro to Alentejo.

And because this season also brings friends and family around the table, the market also offers regional gastronomic options: Leitão da Bairrada [piglet], sausages from Lamego, Folar from Trás-os-Montes [bread], regional sweets from Amarante, Ovos-moles from Aveiro, chocolates, ginja from Óbidos [liqueur].

Entrance is free, from Thursday to Saturday from 10h00 to 22h00, Sunday to Wednesday from 10h00 to 20h00.