The biggest retrospective every dedicated to Álvaro Lapa


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Until May 20, you can visit the exhibition “No tempo todo”, at Serralves, by Álvaro Lapa, the biggest retrospective of his work ever. Born in Évora, in 1939, Álvaro Lapa lived and died in Porto in 2006. During his initial period of training, he contacted two big names in Portuguese culture: in 1950, he had painting lessons from artist António Charrua (1925-2008), aiming at improving his results in drawing; in the 6th and 7th year, he was a student of Vergílio Ferreira (1916-1996), which made him write poetry.

Self-taught as an artist and writer, his academic training is made by philosophy: As aesthetics teacher at Faculdade de Belas Artes in Porto, which, starting in 1976 and for over two decades, he would leave a unforgettable brand in consecutive generations of artists. Álvaro Lapa also became a must in Portuguese art of the post-revolutionary period.

The exhibition in Serralves gathers works of important museums, and institutional and private collections, including collections made by artists, architects, and writers who defined the artistic and intellectual context in Portugal in the second half pf the XX century. For the first time, over 200 works from several periods in the career of Álvaro Lapa, between painting and sculpture, in an exhibition that shows the amazing contribute the artist gave to contemporary Portuguese art.