The 7 Most Romantic Places in Porto


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Valentine’s Day is always a special date for those that are in love and there is always high expectations involved. If you are in Porto and don’t know what to do with your better-half then this article is for you.

Read more and find out which are the 7 Most Romantic Places in Porto.


Visit Porto Botanical Garden

 Porto Botanical Garden is located in the gardens of the old Campo Alegre estate. In the area of this garden, you can still see the much characteristic Andresen’s House, with a cafe on the ground floor and from where you can relax and appreciate the surrounding space. If you visit this unique Porto’s place, then take your time and take a walk through the garden and discover the water lilies lake, the tropical greenhouse and the historical garden divided into three areas: the rose garden, the fish garden and the “jotas” garden.


This is a great suggestion to spend a good part of your afternoon with those that you like the most.


Take a Tram Ride

Porto tram network is made of 3 lines: The 22 that goes from Batalha to Carmo; the 18 that connects the Tram Car Museum to Carmo and the line number 1, this the line with the longest track and the most scenic of the three.

After you enter the tram in Ribeira you will be able to see Miragaia’s old houses, you will pass by the Former Customs House, now a congress centre, by the Port Wine Museum, the Tram Car Museum and by Arrábida Bridge. On this trip, you will also have a privileged view of the river, the riverfront gardens and this is an especially pleasant ride if you do it on a sunny day.


View the Sunset at Jardim do Morro

A beautiful sunset is always a romantic moment in anyone’s day. But it is always more special if it is seen from a place like Jardim do Morro. This garden has one of the best views to the Douro river and the city of Porto. By the end of the day, you will see the sun hide behind the Arrábida Bridge and the sky will be bathed in a golden glow. This is a unique view that you will only be able to see from Jardim do Morro.

There are many lookouts in Porto, but none beats the romantic view that you have from Jardim do Morro.


Have Dinner at Wish Restaurant and Sushi

If there is a romantic restaurant in Porto then that restaurant is Wish Restaurante and Sushi. Situated in Foz, this restaurant counts with the special decoration of Paulo Lobo and a cosy and intimate atmosphere. There are not many restaurants in Portugal that can create such a comfortable mood with such a high-end gastronomical quality.


Some of the dishes that you should definitely try are the salmon with Thai sauce, the foi gras and the Wellington steak. And if you want to impress your better half, by the end of the dinner make sure to order the caramel fondant for dessert, that is one of the house specialities.


Have a Sunday Morning Brunch

There are cafes, restaurants and even hotels that nowadays offer a special brunch menu on Sundays. If you like to wake up late, to take your time and have a nice healthy meal, then a brunch is the perfect solution for you.

We suggest you to try one of the several brunch menus available at Negra Caffé, at Zenith Brunch and Cocktails and at Miss Pavlova. If you want to know more about the best places to brunch in Porto, then read the article: The 7 Most Delicious Brunches in Porto.


Walk on Foz

The area of Foz is one of the most beautiful and pleasant zones of Porto. You can start the journey at Passeio Alegre Garden and from there you can walk to the oceanfront, passing by such familiar beaches as the Luz, Homem do Leme or Ingleses. If you are in shape and still feel like walking a bit more, then it is better to walk to Edífico Transparente, where you can take your time to relax, have a romantic conversation and relax on one of the several terraces near the beach.



Relax in the Spa

Is there anything better to relax of the daily stress than a couple of hours in the spa? There are many options to choose from: you can go to the sauna, to a Turkish bath, to saltwater pools and just decompress with a massage. The best spas in Porto are part of 5-star hotels that have this service open for external clients.

The Yeatman Hotel, the Torel Avantgarde, the Hotel Pestana Palácio do Freixo or the Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa are some of your best options that provide spa and massage treatments. This might be a more expensive option, but you can be sure that this will stay as one of the most romantic gifts that you ever offered.