Going shopping in Porto’s clothing shops


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Livraria Lello

Around the city there are clothing shops for every like and every wallet, they are different of the kind of shopping malls accustomed us to. If you prefer to dress differently from other people, and you still don’t know these shops, prepare yourself to discover these places.

In these clothing shops you can find adult and children’s clothing, and you can even have a break for a snack while deciding which piece of clothing you will bring to your closet. Enjoy these places and what you can try on there (or taste).

This shop links the best of two worlds in only one space, combining clothes of several brands – some still with little influence in Porto – with a café with brunch all day, which you can enjoy from the interior of the shop or on the terrace that has a view to Douro River.
From Livraria Lello: 27 min

Coração Alecrim isn’t just another Portuguese shop, since every product – clothes, accessories, decoration, plants – is genuinely Portuguese. In this delightful shops, everything that is local, handmade and sustainable achieves major importance.
From Livraria Lello: 7 min

With their own design and national manufacture, O Patinho Azul is a shop with handmade pieces of clothing and footwear for every early age.
From Livraria Lello: 17 min

Cub0 is a friendly space that receives projects of creators from the North of Portugal. The space also offers the owners’ brands, from pieces of clothing made of Portuguese wool up to decorative items made of ceramic and cement.
From Livraria Lello: 19 min

The Portuguese brand Béllissima opened up its ninth cloth shop, this time in the shopping mall Parque Nascente in Porto. In this shop with unbelievable low prices, you can find pieces of clothing, accessories, jewellery, bags and shoes for men and women.
From Livraria Lello: 38 min (bus)