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A 100% Portuguese brand brought together two young women and materialized the knowledge of two generations in the industry of shoe making. Weekend Barber was born in 2012 and is signed by Francisca Sá and Daniela Correira; it tells the family story of Daniela, the third generation to bring to life the art of what Portugal does best: shoes.

The idea of creating a show brand came during a conversation in a typical Sunday lunch. With a degree in Communication Design, she started working in web design and fashion. Her only experience in shoes consisted of taking naps on finishing tables when her parents worked late, or of ergonomics and material choosing lessons, every time she asked for a new pair of shoes.

She crossed paths with Francisca Sá in a degree of shoe making, taught by ESAD Matosinhos, in 2012, shortly after Daniela launched the zero collection of Weekend Barber. After finishing the degree, both kept in touch and, after a phone call during summer, Francisca started cooperating with the brand to this day.

There is always something different in the day for these two, as they split their time between the office in Porto and the factories in São João da Madeira and Santa Maria da Feira. This creative duo is in constant movement! They decided to create a space for the brand in Porto for commodity sake, as an important connection place between production, creation and exportation. Miguel Bombarda was the location selected, as it is a cultural block of Porto. Recently, it was Batalha, as it is a developing zone in Porto, with its own language and very typical of the city. Soon, there will be another location, in London.

They define the identity of the brand as laid back, fun, classic, and that enjoys trying new things. Inspiration is drawn from the experiences of the two young women, both in Portugal and abroad. With a stylized popular culture, a touch of technology, but also an almost innocent lightness, always ready to take in information. Architecture, natural constructions, a conjugation of materials and folk culture are their main influences. And why Weekend Barber? Because one of Daniela’s grandfathers used to work as a barber at home over the weekend.

For anyone who wants to “go shopping”, check the shoes at weekendbarber.com or one of the different sale locations spread throughout Europe and Asia.