Music Festival: 7 years celebrating music in Cedofeita


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Livraria Lello

On the last weekend of January, the Cedofeita Shopping Center welcomes the seventh edition of the Music Festival; attendance is free. At this event, visitors will be able to buy and trade albums, instruments and other musical items, watch live performances and see exhibitions related to the music universe.

With opening scheduled for Saturday from 10h to 19h, on Sunday from 147h to 19h, there are several activities already announced: the exhibition “I Got a Pocket in My Rocket”, a retrospective of 10 years of posters by Esgar Acelerado, a performance by the group “O Que Faz Falta”, revisiting iconographic themes of intervention music,  performances of “Jamaican Yard Sound”, a couple of Jamaican music DJs, and the duo “Limbo”, consisting of bass and kalimba, playing songs from the Portuguese popular songbook, among many others.

This year, the event also counts on the participation of several shopkeepers, manufacturers of Portuguese musical instruments, music sheet, books and musical instruments vendors, independent publishers, among many others.

And, of course, this year’s program also has planned a tribute to the musician of Xutos & Pontapés, Zé Pedro.

On January 27 and 28, in Cedofeita, the Music Festival entertains the city. Check here all the updates of the event.