Extreme Sports in Porto


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Catarina Carneiro

If you are tired of your daily life and you find it difficult to come up with activities for the weekend, then try some of the extreme sports that we list below. There are many alternatives, suited for the most adventurous kind and also for those still afraid to venture themselves in the world of extreme sports.



Karting is an extreme sport indicated for all those that love motorized sports. Karting has the advantage to be an activity that can be practised at any time of the year, either with friends or with your family.

There are two racetracks that we suggest:  Cabo do Mundo Racetrack that is an open-air track perfect for the summer days. The other option is the Matosinhos Kart Center that is an indoor racetrack and with more than 300 meters of perimeter.



Paintball can be an individual or a team sport, in which you use a compressed air gun to shoot ink balls. One of the main reasons why this sport is so popular is the ability that it has to take people to another dimension, where the feeling of danger is felt at the fingertips, while you are in perfect safety.

There are several places where you can practice paintball, being some of them the Megapaintman, in Vila Nova de Gaia. Another more extreme concept is the Motion Degree paintball, in the old Valongo Sanatorium, a massive and gloomy place, where you can recreate urban warfare scenarios in this abandoned building.




If you live in Porto and you like to skateboard then you already know which are the best places to practice this sport, mostly because there aren’t many skateparks in Porto. Some of the most usual, but improvised spots are the Leões Square, the Batalha Square and the area around Casa da Música, in Boavista.

But if you are willing to take the metro and visit Póvoa de Varzim then you will find one of the best skateparks in Northern Portugal. There you will find ramps, tracks, concrete blocks and handrails to try some of your best moves.


Climb Arrábida Bridge

If in another time it was not only forbidden but also extremely dangerous to climb Arrábida Bridge’s arch, nowadays you can do it safely and in a legal way. With Porto Bridge Climb you can walk to the top of the arch with your family and friends. The walk talks little more than 30 minutes and any person can do it.

When you reach the top of the arch, you will have an amazing view over the Douro river, the Porto Quay and the riverbanks of Gaia. There will be a guide with you all the time that will tell you all the amazing stories and curiosities about this mythical bridge. You will also have a surprise waiting for you at the end of the climb, but that… we can’t tell. 



O surf é uma das atividades mais populares no Porto e um dos desportos radicais mais praticados. Se já tiver alguma experiência sobre uma prancha então apenas terá que alugar o equipamento, contudo se nunca experimentou surfar então para além do aluguer do equipamento, poderá comprar algumas aulas numa das muitas escolas de surf existentes em Matosinhos.

Near Edificio Transparente or in Matosinhos beach you will be able to find many surf school, so you can learn to surf, like Surfing Life Club,  Onda Pura or  Surfaventura.



If consider yourself to be an adrenaline junkie then it is quite obvious that you feel a certain curiosity for a sport such as skydiving. In the Porto area, there is one skydiving school, where you might try two kinds of jumps: a pure skydiving jump or to jump in tandem. Get in touch with  Skydive Maia and see the city of Porto from the skies as you descend the skies at high speed.

This is an activity reserved only for the bravest of heart, that is well worth the risk.