Meet 8 places to drink a cold beer (or fino)


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Livraria Lello

We have already passed the famous World Beer Day but we want to show you some incredible spots where you can drink a really nice and cold beer. In the afternoon, in the evening, at dawn or, for the adventurous, in the morning, there is an extensive list of recommendations for the best places in downtown of Porto. As the best places are hard to find, here you will count on with the help of Livraria Lello’s connoisseures. They show you the final list of the best places of Porto to have a good beer (or “fino”).


There is a “must go” on this list. The Letraria have several craft beers that can go from letter (Letra) A to the F letter with always with different tastes and styles. To appreciate all the experience you must get your beer and bring it to the interior garden of this big place of Porto.
From Livraria Lello: 17 min


What if someone told you that beer glasses are washed with salted water? And if  there’s an urban myth that says that Gazela staff not even wash their glasses? Well the truth is this place is the right spot for your to find the best – and the typical – Portuguese beer. Go and see for yourself.
From Livraria Lello: 11 min


In this little warehouse, beer is all over the place, as far as the eye can see. There are more than 120 beers from all over the world and you will be able to bring some of them to your home. The Armazém da Cerveja have a little shop and an exterior terrace.
From Livraria Lello: 16 min


The fusion between beer and sport has its own bar. Bonaparte has to bars in the city of Porto: one with a beach view and another one in downtown. In both of them we can find nice beers from Belgium and Germany and watch a sports game while appreciating your beer.
Da Livraria Lello: 1 min / 30 min (bus)


Usually this is the elected bar for Erasmus students. Adega Leonor has some nights where you can buy a big glass of beer for 1€ per litre. This place is located in the heart of Porto.
From Livraria Lello: 2 min


This bar bring all industrial beer universe to one little spot. Two big tanks are inside of the main room and you can appreciate the local beer made in this unique place. And this is really good.
From Livraria Lello: 6 min


It is considered one of the places where more beer is consumed in Portugal. This place won several prizes over the last 10 years, and deserved it. You can actually see the prizes of the most well known beer brands in Portugal on the walls while you are asking for the last beer and food of the night. Closes at 5am.
From Livraria Lello: 6 min


This is the typical spot to hang out and drink a beer while surrounded by a big garden and historic buildings. Base is a rooftop bar in the middle of Porto.
Da Livraria Lello: 1 min


Maybe this is the most emblematic places for students in Porto. Piolho has a lot of history with university students always coming and siting with their notebooks, friends and stories.
From Livraria Lello: 1 min


To have a beer in Cufra it is better  for you to be on the old bar counter or you can not keep this experience. Here you have pool table and other pub games that you can enjoy at the end of day.
From Livraria Lello: 23 min


Whether it’s night or day it is best to sit on any terrace and enjoy both the view and the beer. Cubo Square has a great number of bars and restaurants that compete for the of “Best beer in the Square” prize.
From Livraria Lello: 10 min