Where To Drink The Best Coffees In Porto




Catarina Carneiro

Drinking coffee is one of the most Portuguese habits. Portuguese people really drink coffee whenever they feel like, it might be as soon as they wake up, after lunch or in the middle of the afternoon, just because we feel like it.

Recently, coffee started being served with a bolder taste and ways of drinking, now it is easy to find places in Porto that serve lattes, home roasted coffee, cappuccinos and unique blends.

From the classics to the more recent spaces, Porto by Livraria Lello suggests you the best places to drink coffee in Porto.

Café Progresso

Progresso Café is one of the oldest cafés in Porto. It was recently renovated, but it still maintains the same intimate, comfortable and elegant environment.

This café continues to be a classic in Porto, with its famous and delicious filtered coffee, one of the many house specialities. If you start feeling hungry, you can always choose one of the items on the menu that now includes pancakes, Italian dishes, salads, sandwiches, and much more.

Address: Rua Actor João Guedes, 5, Porto

From Livraria Lello: 3 min

BOP Café

BOP Café is a café that serves excellent quality coffee, whether it is an expresso or filtered coffee.

In this space, you can listen to old records from a vast vinyl collection while drinking delicious coffee with a bagel, a pie or a cheesecake.

Address: Rua da Firmeza 575, Porto

From Livraria Lello: 15 min

A Brasileira

A Brasileira building reopened in March 2018, completely renovated. Now it is a five hotel star, the Pestana Hotel – A Brasileira, City Center and Heritage with a restaurant that serves Portuguese food and an exclusive roasted coffee.

From a wide range of options from the menu, you can taste some popular Portuguese dishes, like: caldo verde, Porto traditional tripes, migas de alheira with fried egg and sprouts, codfish with potatoes and baked eggs, among other dishes.

You can’t miss out on the opportunity of drinking the famous Brazilian coffee, 100% Arabica, that is roasted in Porto. You can order an espresso, a macchiato, a cappuccino or a latte. Enjoy the traditional 4 de Maio cake, that previously used to be one of the most ordered cakes in A Brasileira.

Address: Rua do Bonjardim, 116, Porto

From Livraria Lello: 7 min

The Traveller Caffé

The Traveller Caffé, with a decoration and menu that make references to travelling, is a space that is worth visiting.

Try the Viennese coffee or the hazelnut cream, two types of espresso coffees with flavours different than the usual. If you don’t want to sit on this cosy space or if you are in a hurry, you can always order a coffee to go.

Address: Rua de Passos Manuel, 165, Porto

From Livraria Lello: 12 min

The Coffee Room

The Coffee Room integrates the concept shop The Feeting Room, a clothing and shoe shop, that sells mostly Portuguese brands.

In this space, the coffee is recognized as an artisanal product and the environment is very cosy, ideal to read and work. Here it is prioritized national products, with coffee from Combi, original from Guatemala and roasted in Porto. In this café, are served cappuccinos, macchiatos, croissants from MixPão, brigadeiros from Brigadão, desserts from the restaurant Cantina 32, Musa traditional brewed beer, among other products.

Address: Largo dos Lóios 86, Porto

From Livraria Lello: 4 min