Armazéns Marques Soares: commerce and art




Livraria Lello

Close to Livraria Lello, there is a stores gallery opened in 1960. Throughout the decades, Armazéns Marques Soares increased their commercial space, expanded to other cities, diversified their brands and products sold. Recently, they added a new attraction to the space: a work of art made by plastic artist Isaque Pinheiro. “A Medida de Todas as Coisas” is a ruler built in cedar wood, with about 30 metres, recalling the first business of the Marques Soares stores, selling fabric by the metre. Currently serving about 70 thousand clients in stores in 7 cities, Armazéns Marques Soares are a reference in traditional national commerce, and have already been distinguished abroad. With this new bet, they are now welcoming visits of art experts, tourists or simply curious bystanders, attracted by the size of the work. Commerce and art go hand to hand in the city of Porto, right next to Livraria Lello.